Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Zen Soto Aroma Diffuser !

Hello ! 
I have a lovely special offer running to the end of September ! This is my own offer - not a company offer - buy a ZEN SOTO AROMA DIFFUSER and get a free NYR Organic Lavender Essential oil ! 

I have owned a Zen Soto for a few months now and just love it ! It diffuses a fine cold mist infused with the aroma of your chosen oil and can be used to scent your home , relax the atmosphere , help you sleep or help to clear blocked sinuses whether you are experiencing cold or hay fever symptoms ! It is safe to use in a home with pets or children as there is no heat created and the lid covers the channel in which the oil and water sit . The properties of the oils are not broken down because there is no heat involved giving you maximum benefit.

It has an automatic cut out when the channel runs dry - so no worries if you forget to turn it off ! 
The colour changing light facility runs through a lovely spectrum of pastel colours and you can choose to have it on constant colour change , a single colour or no light at all ( ideal for sleeping ! )

I love to diffuse our NYR Organic oil mixes - at the moment I am using Women's Balance - we also do ones for sleep, vitality , focus , optimism and cleansing the air . Nearer to Christmas I will be using more seasonal aromas like - Orange , Frankincense , Myrrh , Cedar Wood , Mandarin , Ginger and Pine . 

My offer ends 30th September - please contact me via the link on my profile and I will get one in the post to you !!! 
Jane xx

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Discover Organic !

Morning ! 
Organic beauty week continues and I want to show you how different we are to other companies ! We are completely transparent in that we list all our ingredients very clearly and are open about how we source the contents of our products . Every decision made by the company carefully considers the effects upon people and the environment ! Each and every ingredient in our products is there for a reason and is ethically sourced . 

Our current offer is a FREE Rejuvinating Facial Wash with every purchase of our award winning Frankincense Intense Face Cream  ! Check out lots of other gorgeous products in my shop at : 
or click on the icon above ! 

I would love to talk to you about the products and give you help and advice or a FREE skincare consultation ! I can be contacted via the E-MAIL link via my profile above ! 
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Jane x

Monday, 8 September 2014


Morning ! 
Today is the start of Organic Beauty Week - it runs from 8th - 14th September and is an important time in the NYR Organic calendar ! Our aim is to educate everyone to understand the importance of what we put IN and ON our bodies ! Clearly everything we ingest goes directly into our system but did you know that between 60 - 90 % of everything we put on our skin goes directly into our bloodstream ?? That really puts into perspective the importance of choosing pure, natural and organic skincare products - the motto at NYR Organic is - " If in doubt we leave it out " !!! 

All our preparations are made from the purest ingredients and all the plants used are SOIL ASSOCIATION certified. Our best selling WILD ROSE BEAUTY BALM celebrates it's 10 year anniversary this year and contains 99% organic ingredients - if you haven't tried it yet , what are you waiting for ? It's a multi tasking product and you need the smallest amount as it is packed full of organic plant power !! 

Lots more to come this Organic Beauty Week - please stop by again and check out my blog ! 
Jane x

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Blue Bottles !

Did you know that our iconic BLUE BOTTLES are made here in Great Britain ? There is a very good reason why they are blue - they protect the product inside from UV light which would otherwise damage and degrade the contents! They look beautiful on any bathroom shelf - indeed the aim of the company is to get those blue bottles into every bathroom in the UK and globally ! Moreover , the products inside are pure, natural, organic and safe to use ! 

When the bottles are empty (and this takes a long time as our products last so long because they contain pure ingredients and are NOT padded out with fillers - meaning you use less product ) they can be used as mini vases for flowers and the jars make lovely tea light holders !! 
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Jane x

Friday, 5 September 2014

Welcome to My New Blog !

Hello and Welcome to my new blog ! I have been part of the Neal's Yard Remedies Organic family since April this year! I joined as an Independent Consultant and haven't looked back since ! I have made new friends, enjoyed working as part of a wider team as well as building my own - the BEE LOVELIES - and put down the foundations on which to build my business ! 
My plan for this blog is to feature products and do reviews - some of these will be guest reviews from happy customers ( we don't have unhappy ones  !! ) . I will also post interesting  info about organic growing and how we use plants in our products - stay tuned and watch this space - I have lots of ideas !!! 
In the meantime I would like to leave you with some words that sum up what we are all about at NYR Organic !!! 

Thanks for stopping by - please come and visit again ! 
Jane x