Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Zen Soto Aroma Diffuser !

Hello ! 
I have a lovely special offer running to the end of September ! This is my own offer - not a company offer - buy a ZEN SOTO AROMA DIFFUSER and get a free NYR Organic Lavender Essential oil ! 

I have owned a Zen Soto for a few months now and just love it ! It diffuses a fine cold mist infused with the aroma of your chosen oil and can be used to scent your home , relax the atmosphere , help you sleep or help to clear blocked sinuses whether you are experiencing cold or hay fever symptoms ! It is safe to use in a home with pets or children as there is no heat created and the lid covers the channel in which the oil and water sit . The properties of the oils are not broken down because there is no heat involved giving you maximum benefit.

It has an automatic cut out when the channel runs dry - so no worries if you forget to turn it off ! 
The colour changing light facility runs through a lovely spectrum of pastel colours and you can choose to have it on constant colour change , a single colour or no light at all ( ideal for sleeping ! )

I love to diffuse our NYR Organic oil mixes - at the moment I am using Women's Balance - we also do ones for sleep, vitality , focus , optimism and cleansing the air . Nearer to Christmas I will be using more seasonal aromas like - Orange , Frankincense , Myrrh , Cedar Wood , Mandarin , Ginger and Pine . 

My offer ends 30th September - please contact me via the link on my profile and I will get one in the post to you !!! 
Jane xx

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